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About our SwiftGlide In2Glass Integral Sealed Unit Blinds

Also known as integrated blinds or interstitial blinds

Did you know we also supply automated integral blinds operated by remote control?


We guarantee to deliver all our integral blinds products 4 to 8 weeks from order.

Some of our products such as our automated \ motorised integral blinds take generally 6 to 8 weeks to turn around.

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Solar Control Sealed Unit Manufacture

23rd August 2010 - Technical Information Sheets for our integral blinds uploaded

ban looped blinds cords before they kill more childrenWith more and more people asking for details about the features and functionality of our integral sealed unit blinds (also known an integrated blinds or interstitial blinds), we have decided to make available here on our website some integral blinds technical guides.

17th February 2010 - SwiftGlide In2Glass Integral Blinds Child Safety Campaign

ban looped blinds cords before they kill more childrenSwiftGlide In2Glass Integral Blinds have previously highlighted the issue of Children strangling themselves in the cords of conventional blinds. Two more recent fatalities have made it imperative for the Blinds industry and government to act to ban corded blinds before more children die needlessly. Read More...

15th February 2010 - SwiftGlide In2Glass Integral Blinds Extensive Colour Options

interstitial blinds available in exactly the right colour for your commercial or residential blinds projectWith over a dozen colour's available as standard and scores of colour options further to choose from on extended sealed unit blind orders there is no reason why you should lose a window \ conservatory order because a competitor can provide integral blinds in the right colour for a glazing project and you can't.

Read More on SwiftGlide In2Glass Integral Blinds Blog...

14th October 2009 - Integral Blinds in over a dozen colour's.

Created a new slide show to exhibit the colour options of our range of Integral Sealed Units blinds.

The images have been extracted from HD Video in order to give you as realistic an impression as possible especially of the metallic coloured integral blinds.

2nd September 2009

cms mark 1110 attainedNew certification content applied to home page with new downloadable certificate for the Factory Production Control System... CMS1110. (See here...)

1st September 2009

Due to a recent fatality and its consequent wake up call, we have witnessed a sudden heightened interest and a landslide of enquiries in our enclosed venetian blind system we have begun to produce a section that underscores our blinds as the ideal blinds system to specify in environments used by very young persons.

If you have emailed us in relation to this issue please bear with us whilst we work through the emails to answer your queries and feedback.

We have set up a dedicated response form here.

2nd August 2009

Our web designers have created a new downloads section on our home page as the original slide down panel that was on the right hand side had become too extensive and had out grown its space.

2nd January 2009

20th January 2009

Article on our SwiftGlide In2Glass Integral Blinds - Integral Blinds within our sealed units.

2nd January 2009

Added new year greeting on home pages as well as BSI image on accreditation page.

4th October 2008 - All Change...

With Nuneaton sealed Units Assets being acquired by SwiftGlide In2Glass - Integral Blinds Ltd of Corby this website switches its identity over also.

Please bear with us whilst we alter any errant NSU branding and references on this website.

Look forward to new, informative and exciting content.

1st September 2008 - New Downloads

Added Pilkington Energikare Leaflet to the "Latest Downloads" concertina panel on the right side of home page.

1st June 2008 - New Downloads

Added Super Spacer Benefits Leaflet to the "Latest Downloads" concertina panel on the right side of home page.

2nd April 2008 - High Res photography added

Our privileged access area now has additional hi res photography of our sealed unit blinds.

1st April 2008 - HD Video Product Presentations

We now have a privileged access area where we make available HD Video and high res photography of our products such as sealed unit blinds.

31st March 2008 - Corrected menu system

We brought the menu system on the contact page up to date. It had not been carrying links to all the pages.

22nd March 2008 - Changed website colour scheme

We changed the colour scheme of this website... just adjusting the blues.

Please contact us to request a login for this area.

3rd July 2007 - Additional Super Spacer page and updates applied.

Super Spacer is a major feature in our product offering. Reflecting this we have developed the super spacer page on our site into a comprehensive feature information resource as well creating an additional page to discuss its ability to reduce condensation and mould.

29th June 2007 - Further Super Spacer Page & Design Improvements

1) Have applied updates to the Edgetech super spacer page

24th June 2007 - Super Spacer Page & Design Improvements

1) Have applied copy to the Edgetech super spacer page

2) Colour scheme in navigation system improved

3) Increased font size of paragraph text in along with line spacing of main text areas of web site to improve readability.

8th June 2007 - Pilkington Activ FAQ Page

Created Pilkington Activ Right FAQ page with slide show on right side.

7th June 2007 - New Slide Show System

We are pleased to unveil the new slide show system created by our web site designers

This slide show system permits us to display a continuous stream of content in a set and defined area without cluttering up the page or overwhelming you with content all at once.

See Home Page Right side.