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About our SwiftGlide In2Glass Integral Sealed Unit Blinds

Also known as integrated blinds or interstitial blinds

Did you know we also supply automated integral blinds operated by remote control?


We guarantee to deliver all our integral blinds products 4 to 8 weeks from order.

Some of our products such as our automated \ motorised integral blinds take generally 6 to 8 weeks to turn around.

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For more information on our full range of interstitial venetian blinds including remote controlled and solar powered or our SwiftGlide In2Glass Integral Venetian Blinds range, please contact us on the phone number below


INTEGRAL VENETIAN BLINDS - maintenance Free, Dust Free, Allergy Free, assembled and permanently sealed within the double glazing cavity.


The perfect answer to blinds in Conservatories, Window's and Bi-Fold Sliding Doors.